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Tailored Medicines

London Specialist Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the UK that creates bespoke medication according to your individualised prescription.

This is known as compounding and is different to other UK pharmacies, Viagra for sale, which usually dispense standard packages of medication that are not tailored to your specific needs. London Specialist Pharmacy receives your prescription from a doctor who understands how to diagnose and treat conditions, often using bio-identical hormones.

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Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormones are derived from plant sources and have the same molecular structure as those found in your own body. As a result, Viagra without a doctor prescription, they can be used to replace and replenish your own hormone levels with no serious side-effects.

Bio-identical hormones are different from synthetic hormones used in conventional HRT, which use chemicals derived in the laboratory or from animals to imitate the performance of hormones in your body and may be accompanied by many negative side-effects.

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Supporting Your Health

Dietary supplements and vitamins are often used to support your body’s functions and enhance the performance of your bio-identical hormone medication. Your doctor may advise you on which are most appropriate in your circumstances or you may have favourites that you take regularly.

Our online shop contains many unique vitamins and supplements from our hand-picked range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, generic Viagra, we would be happy to help and advise you further.

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