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The optimal food supplement for persons with joints exposed to strain. All nutrients required for joint metabolism have been combined in balanced quantities. The division of the dose into a morning and an evening capsule, based on chronobiological principles, ensures optimal care of cartilage and brings about rapid pain relief. Undesirable side effects do not occur.

- chronobiologically oriented formulation
- supports the formation of cartilage
- helps in cases of arthrosis
- reduces joint pain and joint inflammation
- prevents age-related signs of wear
In normal cases take 1 capsule AM (yellow) in the morning and 1 capsule PM (blue) in the evening with plenty of fluid. In case of extreme joint problems the daily dose may be increased to 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening.
AM Capsule (morning):

Glucosamine 375 mg

Chondroitin 250 mg

MSM 100 mg

Calcium (Ca) 35 mg

Resveratrol 0.2 mg

Hyaluronic acid 50 mg

Vitamin C 60 mg in pharmaceutical grade.

Other ingredients: stearic acid, gelatin

PM Capsule (evening):

Glucosamine 325 mg

Chondroitin 200 mg

MSM 200 mg

Zinc (Zn) 36 mg

OPC 50 mg

Manganese (Mn) 5 mg

Hyaluronic acid 50 mg in pharmaceutical

Other ingredients: stearic acid, gelatin

Arthrochron® is not known to have any major side effects. Therefore specialists re­commend Arthrochron® as the "ideal substance" for treatment of rheumatic symptoms. Persons with a strong fish allergy may experience intolerance reactions.