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Working With Us

We are always very keen to support doctors by providing access to compounded medications. Before prescribing a medication, please check with us first to see if we are able to produce it. When prescribing a compounded medication, one must specify the dosage form, the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) and dosages thereof. For more information on writing a compounded medication prescription, click here.

An introduction to our various dosage forms can be found here.

To prescribe to the London Specialist Pharmacy, follow these steps:

  1. After you have met with your patient and created a prescription, please fax or email it to us within 24 hours
  2. Post the original prescription to us at Suite 13, QMB Innovation Centre, 42 New Road, London E1 2AX – it is a regulatory requirement that we retain all originals on file
  3. We will use the faxed or emailed version to price the medication and take payment from your patient
  4. We will compound the medication but can only dispense it when we have received the original prescription in the post
  5. It will usually take up to three working days from receipt of the faxed or emailed prescription for us to dispense and post the medication to your patient

When writing a prescription we require following information:

  • Full name
  • Practice Address
  • GMC number
  • Contact telephone number
The Patient’s:
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address (optional)

When writing a prescription for a compounded medication, please use the following general format:

  • Ingredient: name and dose (mg)/ concentration (%)
  • Dosage form (e.g. cream, lozenges, capsules)
  • Quantity
  • Directions for patient
  • Number of Repeats (if any)

Please note: we recommend that no more than three repeats or a six-month quantity are prescribed, whichever is shortest. Repeats expire after one year.

Examples by dosage form

1. Cream

Our creams are given in metered-dose tubes which dispense 0.3ml of cream per application. Therefore creams can be specified in terms of mg/dose. Our default cream size is 160 doses.


  • Progesterone 25mg, Biest 0.5mg per dose in liposomal cream
  • Quantity: 160 doses
  • Directions: 1 dose nocte
  • Repeats: 2

2. Lozenge

Lozenges are dispensed in trays of 30 and each lozenge can be split into halves or quarters.


  • Estradiol 0.5mg, Progesterone 100mg, Testosterone 0.5mg Oral Lozenge
  • Quantity: 30
  • Directions: ¼ lozenge bd
  • Repeats: nil

3. Capsules:


  • Biest 2.5mg Capsules
  • Quantity: 100
  • Directions: 1 capsule mane
  • Repeats: nil

Click here to see an example prescription .

Prescription pads

If you would like to order a personalised prescription pad, please contact us.

We offer a range of dosage forms designed to be flexible to the needs of the patient.


We use a liposome-based transdermal cream for easy absorption into the bloodstream and high bioavailability.

Creams can be applied to most parts of the body. Application to areas where the skin is thin, such the inside of the wrist, aids fast absorption. For slower absorption, creams can be applied to areas with more subcutaneous fat, such as the stomach.

Our creams are dispensed in tamper-proof and airtight metered-dose tubes. Each application dispenses exactly 0.3ml of cream, allowing for maximal dosing accuracy.


Lozenges, also known as troches, are dissolved slowly in the mouth between the cheek and gum (intrabuccally.) Active ingredients are absorbed via the mouth’s mucous membranes and not via the gastrointestinal tract.

Lozenges support larger doses of active ingredients and more combinations than creams. They may also be better for patients who have sensitive skin.

Our lozenges can be flavoured on request in order to mask the bitter taste of some active ingredients. Flavour need not be specified on the prescription as it will be agreed with the patient.

Lozenges come in trays of 30, and each lozenge can be split into halves or quarters if necessary. Please note that lozenges may not be appropriate for vegans as they contain gelatin.


Capsules are a familiar dosage form for most patients. The convenience and familiarity of capsules may improve compliance.

Unlike creams and lozenges, the active ingredients in capsules are absorbed via the body’s gastrointestinal tract and therefore may not be as appropriate or effective for some applications.

Other dosage forms

We offer a range of other dosage forms such as hair tonics, facial creams and solutions. Please contact us for more information.